SHB/iNTeg-Risk course I-R01 INTRO, Introduction to Risk Management
May 2 - 5, 2012
at Stuttgart Institute of Management
and Technology (SIMT), 
Filderhauptstraße 142,
70599 Stuttgart , Germany
Short Description of the course:

The course covers the main topics of industrial safety, starting with different aspects of risks and terminology used in the field. The main part of the course is dedicated to the related EU directives (Seveso II, IPPC, REACH, ATEX...). The course outlines goals, scope and required measures / obligations considering acute (accidents) and chronic (pollution) risks. Special focus is given to major accident prevention and related process safety risk assessment methodology.

Furthermore, the course

  • is illustrated by a number of examples
  • presents commonly used methods and tools and
  • provides exercises and preparation for the final exam.

At the end of the course students are expected to be familiar with:

  • general terms used in the area of risk (safety, hazard, risk and risk assessment...)
  • topics of corresponding EU regulation/directives such as REACH, Seveso II, ATEX, and others
  • major accidents prevention (EU legislative obligations) and related process safety risk assessment methodology
  • main steps in process safety assessment (input data, hazards and identification methods and tools, related risks, and due legislative
  • safety measures related to acute (accidents) and chronic (pollution) risks within life cycle of chemicals (hazardous materials)



For details, please see the program of the course.

Registration Fees (+ VAT if applicable):

  • 500 €, for normal registration
  • 400 €, for ETPIS members
  • 200 €, for iNTeg-Risk partners, members of the International Advisory Board and EU-VRi members (only cost of for catering and handouts)
  • 0 €, for students
    • enrolled in the program “European Master of Risk Engineering & Management” of Steinbeis University
    • of University of Stuttgart covered by the agreement on education in the area of risk governance and management between University of Stuttgart and Steinbeis University Berlin.
  • 200 €, for students enrolled in universities not mentioned above

The registration fee covers handouts, coffee breaks, lunches, the course reception on May 2, 2012, info service, on- and off-site (web, mail, phone).

Reduced registration fees of 20% are applicable if applying before March 31, 2012!

The course is intended for 20-25 participants. The registrations will be processed on the first-applied-first-served basis. 

Practical contact for the course:

Ms. Radmila Guntrum
Tel: +49 711 1839 808

Ms. Roswitha Kokejl
Tel: +49 711 1839 616


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