• Univ. of Bologna, Italy
  • CNR, Italy
  • CEA, France
  • Demokritos, Greece
  • Iberdrola, Spain
  • INERIS, France
  • JSI, Slovenia
  • NIS Gazprom Neft, Serbia
  • SINTEF, Norway
  • Univ. Magdeburg, Germany
  • Steinbeis R-Tech, Germany
  • INCDPM, Romania
  • Univ. of Padua, Italy
  • Univ. of Pisa, Italy
  • SWISSI, Switzerland
  • Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany
  European Education and Professional Certification in
Risk Engineering and Management


  Course I-R02 PETRO:
Risk Analysis in Chemical/Petroleum Industries

Enhance your capability and knowledge to face the challenge of the risk assessment in a modern chemical/petroleum industry!

In the framework the EU FP7 project iNTeg-Risk"Early Recognition, Monitoring and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology related Risks", Steinbeis University (STI Advanced Risk Technologies), University of Stuttgart (ZIRIUS) and other project partners have set up a modern and modular European Master Program with the emphasis on management and analysis of emerging risks related to new technologies. Part of this program is the course

Risk Analysis in Chemical/Petroleum Industries

which will take place
on September 24-28, 2012.

The course open for students of the universities and employees of the companies participating in the project, as well as for the external participants.

This course will present current global and regional happenings in the upstream, midstream, downstream and in petrochemical industries. During 5-day course the participants will have the opportunity 

  • to get familiar with risk aspects and with the methods for hazard identification applied in petrochemical industries and
  • to learn to perform probability and consequences analysis and risk assessment
  • to recognize what are the health, safety and environment issues related to petrochemical industries.

Engineers, managers at all levels, inspectors, legislators and other professionals dealing with risk and safety in petrochemical industry as well as students, will profit from the course by

  • increasing the understanding of strengths and weaknesses and the risk issues and
  • extending the knowledge on risk based approaches currently applied in chemical and petroleum industries.

The students coming from the participating universities may register free of charge. Registration fees for other participants for these 1-week course are:

  • 500 €, regular registration
  • 400 €, for ETPIS members
  • 200 €, for iNTeg-Risk partners, members of the International Advisory Board and EU-VRi members (only cost of for catering and handouts) and for students enrolled in universities not participating in iNTeg-Risk project.

The registration fee includes handouts and catering (coffee and lunches, more details in the registration form). The language of the course is English.

Get more info and register for the course
Risk Analysis in Chemical / Petroleum Industries

10% discount for registrations made before August 31, 2012!

Course venue (still to be confirmed:
Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology


From the curriculum of the course I-R02 PETRO, Risk Analysis in Chemical / Petroleum Industries:

"The petroleum industry is changing rapidly, challenging many organizations and individuals to keep pace and distinguish opportunity from risk.”

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