Professional Certification  
  The professional Certification program, along with the Master programs at Steinbeis University Berlin, is created by STI R-Tech and supported by involvement in relevant industrial risk management projects. The program is a unique qualification framework for education of professionals dealing with risk engineering and management in different fields on a global scale.  
  Titles to be obtained

The following 8 tracks compose the Certification program which can be also aligned with the Master’s. That means the courses/modules taken in the Certification program can be added into the structure of Master’s in case someone wishes to enroll as a Master student.
Certificates are valid for 2 years.
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  ◊ Risk Professional - any module of the curriculum
[5 ECTS – 13 Days]
◊ Risk Examiner – Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) specialization
[13 ECTS – 34 Days]
◊ Risk Examiner – Plant, asset and equipment oriented risk management specialization
[13 ECTS – 30 Days]
◊ Senior Risk Assessor – Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) specialization
[18 ECTS – 43 Days]
◊ Senior Risk Assessor – Plant, asset and equipment oriented risk management specialization
[18 ECTS – 39 Days]
◊ Risk Professional in Risk Based Inspection – basics concepts of RBI
[5 ECTS – 8 Days]
◊ Risk Examiner in Risk Based Inspection – advanced methods and tools of RBI
[9 ECTS – 21 Days]
◊ Risk Governance Specialist
[24 ECTS – 30 Days]
  In-House certification courses  

Beside the classical courses held within national, European and international projects, the certifications courses can be organized as in-house courses, e.g. for groups of 10 to 30 attendees.
Credit points (ECTS – European Credit Transfer System) earned through the certification program title can be transferred towards the respective Master Program.


√ iNTeg-Risk (EU)|
√ Esprit (DEG) |
√ RiskNIS (industry) |
√ SafeChina (DEG) |
√ RiskROM (industry) |
√ PROMISLingua (EU) |
√ AQUIT (DEG & Government) |
√ ESKOM-RBI (Industry) |


As we tailor our training offer to the needs of our customers, we can’t display a standard price for each certification track. Depending on the amount of participant, the course location and the lecturer(s) involved we will propose you training plan that fits your requirements and draw up a quote at the best possible price.

So if you are looking for a European recognized certification opportunity, whether for yourself or for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our team will translate your requirements into a tailored training plan.


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