PhD: becoming an academic and business expert  

In 2003, the SHB is bestowed the right to offer PhD programs. The Project Competence PhD also adheres to dual education principles in parallel to work. PhD students must work on a research project within a company or organization sponsoring them. The project must be approved and supervised by the SHB while the research forms the basis of the dissertation, underpinned by optional seminars on related subjects and compulsory colloquia to monitor progress.

Same as for the masters’ degrees, the Institute for Advanced Risk Technologies might support you to find a 3-5 years projects which will finance your PhD and set the framework for your researches.

Academic Degree  

After successfully passing all of the examinations, and publishing a dissertation, the doctoral candidate will be awarded the academic degree of “Dr.rer.oec.” by Steinbeis University Berlin.

√ Dr.rer.oec. = rerum oeconomicarum = Doctor of Economics


Research topics


Through its involvement in several projects and its pool of professors and experts, the Institute for Advanced Risk Technologies is able to monitor researches in the fields of:

-Risk Management and Engineering
-Innovation Management
-Risk Governance
-Risk Based Inspection

Admission requirements  

A completed master’s degree (university, university of applied sciences, institute of technology), officially recognized in the country in which it was awarded or a comparable diploma-based degree (university, university of applied sciences, institute of technology) in fields directly related to the accredited master’s degree programs offered by SHB – above average grades for performance, with no less than 300 credit points (ECTS) and a proven academic qualification. The doctoral examination board will determine whether an applicant’s previous educational achievements qualify him or her for the program upon written request by the applicant.
Current employment in a company or organization
Approved research project
Passed aptitude test

  How to apply

If you would like to carry out your doctoral work at Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) and you meet the admission requirements, you will have to carry out your planned research in the form of a project. The necessary documentation for this includes a draft of the functional specifications for your planned research project. In addition to your research aims, this should outline a budget and scheduled project milestones. It should also specify a potential mentor from your company and the SHB.

Application documents should be sent to

Application form
Resume with application photo
Higher education admissions record (certified copy)
Proof of attained university degree (certified copies of transcripts and certificates)
Declaration of previous applications for doctoral work (time period, faculty, topics)
Current criminal record certificate issued by the German Federal Central Criminal Register or similar (original document)
Draft of the research project functional specifications
Proof of knowledge concerning research methods

Once you have passed the aptitude test, met all of the necessary admission requirements and signed a contract for your doctoral work, our institute will approve your doctoral work. As of this point, the project competence doctorate will commence and run for at least three years.

The contract for your doctoral work will specify the formal course of your doctorate (project colloquia, examinations, dissertation). This contract will also oblige the doctoral student to, among other things, adhere to the fundamental requirements of appropriate scientific and academic practice.


The costs for the research project will be determined in the contract between the Institute of Advanced Risk Technologies and the sponsoring organization.

The research project costs can be paid by the sponsoring organization.


For general enquiries:
If you have questions, need information or would like to be supported to find a project in an organization, please contact
+49 711 410041 32

For admission:

  Examination board

√ Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Johann Löhn (chairman)
√ Professor Dr. habil. Heiner Lasi (deputy chairman)
√ Prof. Dr. habil. Urs Füglistaller

For more information please visit:

The doctoral program regulations serve as the formal basis for admission.
















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