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Program form: the Project Competence Concept  

A pioneering approach
In line with its motto “Knowledge.Transfer.Application”, the Steinbeis University Berlin committed to develop a structure that enables a true win-win situation for both the companies assigning the projects, and the students working on them. Successfully implemented since 1998, the Project Competence Concept sets the framework and the means to cope with our philosophy, high quality requirements and a student-centered approach.

Business challenges in the academic spotlight
Part of the admission requirements, students willing to enroll must have a project in a company or organization. Young graduates can be supported by the Advanced Risk Technologies Institute to find a suitable company. Once the company chosen, mentors are appointed from both SHB and from the company side. Thereupon the project is defined: the current situation is assessed, goals are detailed and Milestones and conditions are set. The study plan is then tailored, and the project work carried out along with more classical courses. Regular meetings between students and mentors as well as specific examinations means (e.g. Transfer Papers) secure the proper execution of the project which reaches his climax through the Master’s Thesis presenting the key findings and innovative solutions of the project.

A winning combination of theory and practice

The experience of the SHB has proven in the long term that the Project Competence Concept is the best known answer to Ferninand von Steinbeis’ intuition. Through projects with a real world focus, providing tangible outcomes helped by the mentoring of selected expert, we give students the tools, competences, motivation and confidence they need to boost their career.













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